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8 Reasons to Deactivate Your Facebook Account

8 Reasons to Deactivate Your Facebook Account
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Hai mai pensato alla tua vita senza Facebook? Hai mai pensato che dopo anni passati fra i corridoi del social network di Mark Zuckerberg forse sia arrivato il momento di cambiare aria?
Probabilmente no. Probabilmente la paura di perdere di vista i tuoi amici non ti ha mai fatto prendere in considerazione questa eventualità. Eppure, forse, dovresti cominciare a pensarci.
Per almeno sette buoni motivi secondo Mashable.

by Neha Prakash
for Mashable

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In today’s world, not having Facebook is akin to leprosy. Surely something must be wrong with you if you have no social account to show for your life. How will people follow your achievements, your relationships or your weight gain without a social presence to stalk?

The existential crisis of the 21st century has become: “If something happens and you don’t put it on Facebook, did it ever happen?” Joking aside, it’s true many of us feel that Facebook is the end-all and be-all of socializing; that having no social network is the same as having no friends.

But what our connected world has not taken into account are the several ways in which Facebook can harm our lives, instead of enhancing them. Sure, you can reconnect with lost friends and family, find job opportunities and keep a digital log of your life. But more commonly Facebook has become a dark hole — a place where jealousy and competition breed, where self-worth is defined by a catalogue of carefully tagged pictures and an overall productivity time-suck.

Ultimately, we risk comparing our everyday lives to our online personas, which are often overwhelmingly composed of curated success stories and positive experiences.

So why not simply log off? (Even a few Mashable staffers have tried it.) Though it’s much easier said than done, willpower comes in stages. Deactivating could be the cold turkey option, but simply reducing time spent on the site could greatly improve your quality of life. Check out the gallery above for some reasons you should consider it.

What do you think about deactivating your account? Have you ever tried it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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